Strategic Planning and Market Analysis

Understand your service area and market dynamics to improve your strategic decision making.

Analyzing inpatient, outpatient and emergency room data in order to discover where patients are going for services or procedures, and what opportunities exist for growth and improvement is key for any business planning effort. In order to gain a competitive advantage, having quick access to this data – and at a comprehensive, detailed level – is extremely important. 

DataBay Resources’ NavigateNet is a market analysis application to help you analyze and report on your state discharge data. This solution allows your strategic planning and market research staff to quickly analyze, interpret and report on state inpatient and ambulatory discharge data to determine your organization’s relative position within a primary service area.

  • Determine market share within your service areas vs. your competitors.
  • Identify trend activity like discharges and length of stay over specific time periods.
  • Pinpoint where cases originate and whether they are projected to grow or decline.
  • Determine what services are moving from the inpatient setting to ambulatory surgery.

Market Share