State Discharge Data Submission and Data Cleansing

Edit and submit clean data for state reporting agencies.

In most states, hospitals are required to review and submit accurate and complete discharge data files to the state collection agency each calendar quarter. Files with a large number of errors will fail and must be returned for correction before they can be resubmitted. Correcting a failed file can be a very difficult and time-consuming process.

DataBay Resources’ CheckNet is a data management solution for state data collection agencies and hospital associations to significantly reduce the number of submission errors in quarterly discharge data files.

CheckNet simplifies your quarterly submission process by scrubbing your data and allowing you to check and correct errors in your hospital or ambulatory surgery center’s discharge data file prior to submitting. By pre-validating your UB-04 file, you are improving your data accuracy, streamlining the mandatory reporting process and increasing the productivity of your health information management staff.

More about CheckNet:

  • Developed using validation criteria submission rules from each state.
  • Any edit changes to state requirements are automatically updated.
  • Provides a detailed summary of errors so users can make the necessary corrections before uploading.

Contact us to learn more about CheckNet and how it can improve your organization’s data.